Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Summer Break is Over

Ok so it's bitter sweet moment I started school a couple of weeks back. Since I started school well... I'm just not free to work on my book as before. "Summer's over for me." Homework is now my first priority and everything I do, (Got to get those good grades you know.) But even with school I have those great ideas still stored up in my head for my book. Right now i'm still on chapter 2 just to let you know my book is not abandoned my dream will yet stay alive. Today I was watching Oprah and Will-I-am from the [Black eyes peas] was on, he took us to his childhood home. He went into his old childhood bedroom and he saw something written on the wall it said "dream it... live it... do it..." that quote was right on point for me i will dream it, live it, and of course do it. Thanks Will-I-am for showing your house. I plan on getting back in the groove with this book, it just has to be done.

Until next time....

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